Registration is easy at MTW. New customers simply click on the Register Now button, and you'll be taken to our Online Registration site. If you are a returning student, simply log in to your account and you'll be able to see your account and register for classes (if you forgot the link, just click the Register Now button).

Any questions specific to registration can be e-mailed to


Our MTW season is a 10 month program that inlcudes 36 weeks of classes.  We break for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Masters.  As such, tuition will be billed for 9 months total (except for workshop classes).  August and May are billed as half months, and September - April are billed at the full monthly tuition rate. No other months will be pro-rated.

There is a one-time registration fee of $50 per student, and $25 for each additional sibling

Preschool Musical Theatre (45 min)

$60 monthly tuiton. 

Musical Theatre 6-8 yr old (60 min)

$75 monthly tuition, plus $225 production fee due by Dec 1

Musical Theatre 8-13 yr old (90 min)

$100 monthly tuition, plus $225 production fee due by Dec 1

Musical Theatre 13+ (120 min)

$125 montly tuition, plus $225 production fee due by Dec 1

Acting Only Class 9+ (90 min)

$100 monthly tuition

Musical Theatre Dance, 9+ (60 min)

$60 monthly tuition


Musical Theatre Workshops offers the following discounts. Please note that only 1 tuition discount will apply per family.

Sibling Registration Discount – $50 registration fee for 1st child; $25 for each sibling

Active Duty Military Discount – 10% off monthly tuition (does not apply to specialty classes)

Pay in Full Discount Р10% off full year tuition 


A one time production fee is required for our Musical Theatre Acting classes only (workshops excluded). This fee is due by Dec 1, 2022, and can be paid in full at anytime before then, or split into smaller payments.

Fees are $225 for our Musical Theatre Class

What your production fees support

Musical Theatre Workshops is an acting studio and runs similar to a dance studio in that we have weekly lessons, produce a theatrical show, as well as perform at various community events throughout the year as opportunities present.

The Musical Theatre productions take on a life of their own beofre the actors even get their scripts or begin the rehearsal process. Below, you can see what your production fees are helping to support.

  • Production licensing (varies dependent upon the show, the number of actors, tickets prices, and the number of expected attendees)
  • Royaliies for the production (cost per # of shows performed)
  • Advertising and posters
  • Program printing
  • Venue rental and associated fees
  • Sound tech and equipment rental as needed
  • Videographer
  • Production T-shirts
  • Costume materials and seamstresses
  • Props, purchased and/or rented
  • Set design and construction 
  • Vocal coaching and musical direction
At MTW, we appreciate any help we can get from parents with props, costumes, and set pieces.  We attempt to costume each actor with minimal additional costs to each family.  Producing quality theatrical productions is an expensive endeavor!

Thank you for supporting our youth in theatre arts!