Here are just a few reasons parents, kids, and teens love Musical Theatre Workshops!

I love that MTW gives my son a chance to perform and meet such great people. I love watching his abilities and confidence grow with each show. I love the safe place that Ms. Mickey has created for all the kids to be themselves. I have never seen such a respectful,thoughtful, wonderful, talented group of kids all in one place.
~Mary, MTW Mom

I LOVE MTW because it is such a great experience. I have so much fun singing, dancing and acting. I have also made a whole bunch of new friends, and I LOVE my awesome teacher, Ms. Mickey!!
~Shay, MTW Student

I wanted to take a moment to tell you that we are so grateful to have you in our lives. You take these bright eyed kids and you give them a gift. You give them a magic power that transports them to somewhere new, explore a part of themselves that they didn’t realize was there, and you expand their minds with this artistic theater experience that nobody but the fabulous Mickey Lubeck could give them.
~Angela, MTW Mom

I have seen the confidence build in my daughter with each class, each production, and each role. Not only has she been given a chance to shine on stage and find her creative voice, but her character has been built by being the part of a caring team of young actors who work together so EACH is his/her best! She is encouraged and loved just the way she is!!
~Amy, MTW Mom

It is always such a pleasure to watch young people work hard at something they love. That was surely the case while watching The Aristocats. It was clear that those talented young performers were invested in each other, in stage-craft and in following the instruction of one they respect. It takes bravery for those so young to put themselves in front of an audience and “sing out”. It is clear that they are well on their way to life times of confidence and generosity of spirit. I am eternally grateful to you and MTW for providing a wholesome and rewarding place for my granddaughter to develop her great love of performing.
~Anne, MTW Grandmom

I love MTW for several reasons: the awesome/hilarious people, the fun musicals, & the great/funny teacher!!!
~Rachel, MTW Student

I absolutely LOVE MTW! My first class was the summer session in my 6th grade year and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s the perfect place to just go crazy and be yourself after a stressful day. It helped me get over being super shy in front of people I don’t know… I honestly don’t know who I would be without MTW.
~Savannah, MTW Student

I love Musical Theater Workshops! It has given me so many life opportunities and life-long friends! It’s so much fun singing, and dancing with people who love it just as much as you! It makes me love Fridays even more!
~ Sarah, MTW Student

My daughter found her “PLACE” at Musical Theatre Workshops. I have seen her come out of her shell, overcome her fear of speaking in front of groups, and witnessed her personality blossom!
~Jan, MTW Mom