What do production fees support?

Musical Theatre Workshops is an acting studio and runs similar to a dance studio in that we have weekly lessons, produce a theatrical show or two as well as perform throughout the community.

However, the Musical Theatre productions that are produced take on a life of their own before the actors even get their scripts or get into the rehearsal process.
Below you can see what your tuition and  production fees are helping to support!

Monthly tuition is paid to help cover the studio’s building rental and utility bills, storage units, advertising, website maintenance, studio office supplies and salaries, along with other expenses that come along with running a studio business.

Additional production fees help to defray the costs of:

~Production licensing
(dependent upon the show, the # of people expected to attend and the ticket prices)
~Royalties for the production (cost per # of shows performed)
~advertising and posters
~program printing
~Theatre performance space rental
~Sound Tech and equipment rental, if necessary
~Supervisory fees for the rental facility
~Custodial services
~production tee shirts
~Costume materials and seamstresses
~Props, purchased or rented
~Set building and construction fees and materials
~Choreographer, if needed
~Vocal coaching and musical director for the musicals

At MTW we appreciate whatever parental help we can get with sets/ props/costumes etc… We take any donations of props, costumes and set pieces we can get!  We attempt to costume each actor with minimal additional cost to the families.
Producing quality theatrical events is an expensive endeavor!

We also have a variety of levels of sponsorship for businesses and individuals available.
As production dates approach, MTW families can reach out to friends, family and local businesses to sponsor their child’s production.

Thank you for Supporting Our Youth in Theatre Arts!!!